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Entertainment Wanted For 2 Events In Oxfordshire & Coventry - 7-8 August and 20-21 August

Entertainment Wanted For 2 Events In Oxfordshire & Coventry - 7-8 August and 20-21 August

- Speciality & Circus Acts / Clowns / Dance Groups
I am looking to enquire about booking acts for 2 events we are sponsoring the entertainment for, this August.
Both events are 2 days:
07/08/2021 > 08/08/2021 Private B2B trade only event in Piddington.
20/08/2021 > 21/08/2021 Public Event (ticket entry) in Coventry

For both events, we are looking for acts to perform in front of the stage between stage changes (slots of 20 minutes).
In the past we have booked everything from Martini glass Burlesque acts, quick-change acts such as “Bruce Airhead” and Pain acts such as “The Incredible Blood Brothers” .
Performances that will make the audience cringe are a favourite!
Any weird clown acts would be a welcome suggestion as well.
We are also interested in looking for dance groups to perform during the stage change overs
We have a strict policy of no animal involvement in any acts.
Fire acts are also a restriction for one of the events 07/08/2021 – 08/08/2021 as the stage is under a tent but okay for the other.

We have approximately 7 x 20-minute slots per day, at both events which we are looking to fill with a variety of different performances.

If any performers can provide more than 1 x 20-minute performance (each performance differing) we are happy to have the act perform more than once in the day

We would be happy to book the same acts for both events if you are available to do so as both events will have different audiences.

Applicants can apply from: UK Location: UK: West Midlands, SE Application Dates: 07th Jun, 2021 - 31st Jul, 2021 Fee Offered: Please provide a quote Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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