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Drag Queen Act Wanted For Bingo Show - Colchester - Essex

Drag Queen Act Wanted For Bingo Show - Colchester - Essex

Drag Queen Act wanted. Life has thrown me a curveball in the form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I am no longer responding to drug treatment and my health is declining rapidly! My journey has led me to explore the possibility of undergoing a life-changing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) in Mexico. It’s a big step, and the cost is no small feat either - a whopping £46,000.

I’m reaching out to ask for a favour that’s as quirky and wonderful as you are. Could you spare some of that enchanting magic to host a dazzling Drag Queen Bingo Show? 🌟👑🎉

Thank you for considering my sparkly proposition. Your support, in whatever form it takes, brings me closer to regaining control of my health and living life to the fullest once more.
Available to Members Based in: UK Location: UK: East of England Event Date: To Be Confirmed Submission Dates: 27th Aug, 2023 - 27th Nov, 2023 Fee Offered: Quotes Requested Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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