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5 Piece Band Wanted For Amazing Cruise Ship Opportunity

5 Piece Band Wanted For Amazing Cruise Ship Opportunity

- Not your 'regular' Cruise band - Experienced, full formed bands wanted
Top Agency is looking for fully formed, working bands for a Cruise Ship contracts with worldwide brand. This is a high end contract with a great package that eclipses the usual Cruise package, and the brand are specifically looking for 'Non-Cruise' bands.

We are looking for 5 piece Band, ideally with Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys and Sax with at least two members sharing lead vocals. Will also consider slight variations on this line up for the right band!

Make no mistake; this contract will be a lot of work - there will be multiple different sets per day, 6 days per week, with the band expected to cater for different styles, with different members performing solo, or as a duo/trio as well as full band sets.
However on the flip side, all members get their own cabin and wifi included, as well as all food and travel included plus incredibly generous monthly salary. Contracts will be 4 months on board, plus a short rehearsal period in Miami at the beginning of the contract. The client is more than happy to take a busy UK band looking to fill their downtime with one contract a year!

I cannot stress enough how incredible an opportunity this is.
Please get in touch for more information!
Applicants can apply from: UK Location: Cruise Ship Application Dates: 23rd Jul, 2021 - 22nd Sep, 2021 Fee Offered: Fixed Fee - 4500 Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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