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Magician / Illusionist Wanted For Touring Show

Magician / Illusionist Wanted For Touring Show

Looking for a solo M/F magician/illusionist aged 18-40 based in the US, to be part of touring show with cast of 20 acrobats, singers, dancers and actors.
Small illusions only i.e. Interlocking rings, rope tricks, small appearances, floating objects, and open to suggestions you may have within your repertoire. Card tricks would be too small for the audience and staging.
This project will not accommodate big equipment, props, or large magic tricks.
Approximately 15 minutes of magic required within 75-minute production.
Show based on award-winning storybook at www.pompsnowandcirqueumstance.com.
Magician will play non-speaking role of professor at a secret university.
Project dates October 2 - November 20, 2022.
Tours: UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Bahrain. Must be US Citizen, valid US passport, vaccinated.
Pays weekly salary plus expenses, housing, travel, etc.
This is a first class production in conjunction with the US government that will perform on military bases exclusively.
Event Location: United States, Touring
Applicants can apply from: US Location: Worldwide Application Dates: 17th May, 2022 - 30th Sep, 2022 Fee Offered: Please provide a quote Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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