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Pianists Needed For Cruise & Hotel Contracts In 2024

Pianists Needed For Cruise & Hotel Contracts In 2024

Calling All Pianists: Embark on a Musical Voyage in 2024!

Are you a talented pianist with a passion for creating enchanting melodies and captivating audiences? We have an extraordinary opportunity for you to showcase your musical prowess and set sail on a melodious journey aboard luxury cruise ships and grace the stages of prestigious 5-star hotels in 2024!

Join Our Elite Team of Pianists and Experience:
Cruise Ship Concerts: Be the star of the show as you serenade guests on some of the world's most luxurious and prestigious cruise ships. Explore breathtaking destinations while enchanting audiences with your extraordinary musical talents.

5-Star Hotel Residencies: Elevate your artistry by performing in opulent 5-star hotels, captivating discerning guests with your exquisite piano performances. Experience the elegance and grandeur of elite venues while charming an international audience.

Unparalleled Contracts: We offer unparalleled contracts for the 2024 season, providing you with the opportunity to make a lasting impact on every stage you grace. Benefit from competitive compensation, accommodations, travel allowances, and a supportive environment to fuel your musical creativity.

Discover the World: Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, sights, and sounds as you travel to some of the world's most picturesque destinations. Expand your musical horizons and create unforgettable memories both on and off-stage.

Fulfil Your Artistic Potential: Let your talents shine in a setting that celebrates artistic expression and offers an incredible platform to showcase your skills. Embrace the spotlight and let your musicality resonate with appreciative audiences around the globe.

Join us in making 2024 a year of musical brilliance and cultural exploration. Seize this remarkable opportunity to blend your passion for piano with travel and enrichment.
Available to Members Based in: Worldwide Location: Worldwide / Cruise Ship Submission Dates: 6th Nov, 2023 - 30th Nov, 2023 Fee Offered: By agreement Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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