Safety Advice When Receiving Enquiries 
& Attending Auditions, Gigs & Casting Calls:

In the digital era that we live in, alongside decent people advertising legitimate openings, auditions and gigs,
unfortunately there are many scams which we would like all members to have an awareness of.

Take a moment to read over our safety advice for safety online and how to spot common scams:  

1. When receiving a direct enquiry, job offer or audition, a quick Google search on a company or person's name and the location is always recommended if the post or enquiry sounds suspicious.

2. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You may always click 'Report this listing' to notify us of a suspicious audition, gig or casting call.

3. Beware of Maritime Visa scams. The scammer will send you a false contract to join and perform on a ship and request that you pay them a large amount of money for the visa required to join the ship.  If you receive an enquiry similar to this, report it to us immediately before applying or replying if it is a direct enquiry.

4. Beware of over-payment scams. A reported scam is where the scammer will send you a fake cheque for far more than your agreed fee. They then inform you that they made a mistake and sent you too much, or sent you your fee + e.g. the fee for the photographer that they're also hiring. They then ask if you could make a payment to them / the photographer asap for the amount overpaid. The act makes the payment (which actually goes to the scammer) and then the cheque doesn't clear.  If you receive an enquiry similar to this, report it to us immediately before applying or replying if it is a direct enquiry.   

5. We monitor and make a series of checks for every post submitted to our Auditions & Gigs page, however we do not check or approve direct enquiries sent to your account's 'enquiries' inbox.  These are private messages between you and the booker. If the booker states in a direct enquiry / message that their message to you has been pre-approved by us, the mere mention should be taken as suspicious.  Please report it to us immediately and we will look into the enquiry and booker for you.   

6. Only provide information and requests that you are comfortable with and remember you always have the choice to decline an offer.

7. If you are requested to pay to attend an audition, report it to us & do some extra checks of your own.  This is sometimes acceptable with reputable companies, however could also be a scam or simply not worth attending.  Report it to us if you are not sure and we will look into it before you attend.  
8. When attending an audition or gig, it is always recommended to at least tell someone the address where you are going and of course attend with a friend or family member if possible.

To report a suspicious enquiry to us, please CLICK HERE OR email us at

If you have any other queries, we're always here to help.  Contact us.

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