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Violinist Wanted For Project - August / September 2022

Violinist Wanted For Project - August / September 2022

I am an amateur musician and composer, and for my next project I am looking to record analog strings - I usually do most of my compositions electronically or with MIDI instruments, but for this project I am looking to hire some "local" musicians to record, either mid-August or early September. I'm looking for a Violist.

Project: I create music under the pseudonym Antlerman (audio links below). The music is simple in terms of technicality, but there is a lot of emotion in the pieces. The album is a thematic piece covering various aspects of institutional racism that continue to exist within the UK. I have put a sample clip from the album below in a dropbox link so you can hear the style.

I am a far cry from a classically trained composer but given the simplicity of the music I expect to be able to record the album in a 1 day session.

As this is a self-funded project, I am hoping to achieve this with a budget of ~£250 per musician.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Album samples (with midi strings):


Previously released music:



Applicants can apply from: UK Application Dates: 12th Jul, 2022 - 12th Aug, 2022 Fee Offered: Fixed Fee - £250 Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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