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Let’s face it, for many entertainers getting a Cruise gig is the ultimate dream job. You get to see the world, while doing what you love...and get paid! It's a pretty amazing life goal. Whether you're a Singer, Musician, DJ, Magician, Dancer, Band or any other entertainer...if you have the talent, drive & ambition there should be nothing to stop you!

Here are just a few of the live Cruise Ship Performer Jobs we have available right now...

Some of the Latest Cruise Jobs & Gigs You Could Apply to...

Singers & Musicians Wanted For Cruise Ship Opportunities - Auditions In Chicago - February 22nd 2023

The following roles are available: -Lead Vocalist (Male and Female Identifying) -Lead Guitar -Keys -Bass Guitar -Drums...

Musicians/Singers Wanted For Carnival Cruise Lines - Auditions In Montreal, Canada - 20 & 21 February 2023

Casting for: - Country Duo - Guitar Soloist -Rock band Vocalist - Rock band Keys - Rock band Bass - Rock band Drums Please apply for full information...

M&F Production Vocalists & Live Character Actress Wanted For Princess Cruise Ships - Auditions In Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne - February 2023

Melbourne - 15 & 16 February 2023 Brisbane - 17 February 2023 Sydney - 22 & 23 February 2023 Seeking: PRODUCTION SHOW VOCALISTS: early 20's to early 40's actively...

European Musician Duos Required For Cruise Ships

We are an industry leader in providing first-rate entertainment within the cruise industry. And we’re now looking for talented Party/Pop Duos to join our entertainment teams...

Resident Jazz Band Required For Top Cruise Line In 2023

We are currently looking for a resident 5-piece Jazz Bands for 2023 for a top Cruise Line. Repertoire should cover Modern Jazz & other genres. Required: EU passport holders...

Resident European DJ's Required For Cruise Ships

We are now recruiting for Resident DJ's to join our Entertainment Teams onboard an international fleet of cruise ships. Working with the latest tech, expect to provide disco entertainment...

Italian Pop Duos, Trios & Piano Vocalists Required for International Resident Cruise Contracts

We are an industry leader in providing first-rate entertainment within the cruise industry. We’re now looking for talented Italian Pop Duos, Trios & Piano Vocalists...

Dancers Wanted For Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships - Auditions In Miami, Florida - February 12th, 2023

Seeking: Strong, professional, seasoned, and versatile dancers 18+ with styles that include Contemporary, Jazz, Theater Dance, Showgirl and Hip Hop. Candidates must...

Male / Female Vocalist Required For Cruise Ships - $3500 Per Month

Range: Mezzo-Soprano/Belter An education that emphasizes the performance of commercial music including techniques and concepts found in modern pop and rock repertoire. Applicable...

Classical/Acoustic Guitar Player Wanted For Cruise Ship Vacancy - Staring Salary $2500 Per Month

We hiring a Classical/Acoustic Guitar Player Must have a wide repertoire from classic music to contemporary. Other details: 4 sets of 45 minutes in a day 1 day...

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Cruise Ship "Guest Entertainer" Headlining Act Contracts

If you're looking to perform your act in the cruise ship's main theatre, the contracts you want to look out for are 'Guest Entertainer' or 'Cruise Ship Fly-Back / Fly-on' contracts. As a Guest Entertainer, pay is generally between $1500 - $2500+ (£1000 - £2000+) per week, for you to perform 1-2 shows in the cruise ship's main theatre.

Cruise Ship Lounge Performer Contracts

If you're a Singer, Musician, Duo, DJ or other artist and have your own 'sets' but generally perform as background music in e.g. a lounge setting rather than as a 'Show' in the main theatre, you will generally be on-board for 4-9 months depending on the contract.

There are contracts you can apply for right now throughout our entertainment jobs, gigs & auditions pages or by clicking any of the porthole images links on this page.

Cruise Ship Show Team, Party Bands and Band Member Contracts

All cruise ships have an on-board band and an on-board 'Show Team' (also called the 'Production Team').
The on-board band plays live to all of the Show Team's production shows and also provides the music for the musical 'Guest Entertainer' acts that come onboard and perform their shows 1-2 times per week in the theatre.

Cruise Liners also offer contracts for Party Bands...

Party Bands, Band members and Show Team Singers and Dancers are generally onboard for anything from 4-9 month contracts. Simply click on any of the porthole images for your act type on this page.

Note: If you are a Duo looking to perform on a Cruise Ship, click here or view our Cruise Bands Jobs.

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How Can You Get Cruise Jobs with Entertainers Worldwide?

There are various routes to getting a cruise entertainer job but registering with Entertainers Worldwide is probably the simplest and quickest way to get your materials in front of a cruise booker.

So how does it work and how can we help you get that dream job?

1. Apply for cruise entertainer jobs & auditions through our site

We have new cruise jobs for singers, dancers, bands and entertainers every week with every cruise company from Carnival to Viking, Royal Caribbean to Norwegian. With us the application process is simple - sign up with us here and apply!

Three months ago AB Casting and Talent Agency saw my materials on your site and loved what they saw, agreeing to keep me on file in case a good fit came along. And last week it did! I'm going to be the new lead vocalist on board MSC Armonia for the next 9 months!" Kaylah Fischl, Singer/Dancer

2. Be found by Cruise bookers in our directory

When you activate your profile, as well as being able to apply for any of our jobs, gigs and auditions, you also appear in our directory. That means that bookers can search for your type of talent, find you in our search results pages and book you direct. General bookers use our site to book entertainment for their weddings, parties and events, but most importantly, so do professional bookers and agents searching for cruise ship entertainment talent.

"I think becoming a member of Entertainers Worldwide is the best investment I ever made. In less than one day after my profile activation, 4 different agencies have already got in touch with me and everything feels very promising. Looks like I will be working as pianist on a cruise starting from November!" Maurizio Mariscoli, Pianist.

3. Use our resources to give yourself the best chance of creating a winning profile

By applying for jobs and appearing in our directory you can get your promotional materials in front of those all-important bookers, but before that happens you need to make sure that your profile really sells your talent. You’ll find a great introduction to Cruise Entertainer contracts here. Our members also have access to our Complete Guide to Getting Cruise Contracts. Not a member yet? Just register here, it takes 2 minutes and we’ll be able to send you the latest jobs and auditions. Once you’re done, just sign-in, click the ‘Get More Gigs’ button and scroll to the bottom of the page to find all our Cruise Entertainment resources.

"After 6 months looking for a job as a solo guitarist... I found Entertainers Worldwide and it was the best site I've ever seen for musicians. I got an email from an agency in Hungary called Empire Entertainment and they offered me a contract on-board TUI cruise line and I took it!" Jaime Tamayo, Guitar Singer

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Find out about cruise life

Find out more about Cruise Life

Before you get started with applying for those Cruise Ship Entertainment jobs it can be really useful to find out more about what life's really like onboard. Not only does it mean you’ll know what you're talking about on your applications but it can also help to motivate and inspire you.

Here are three great places to start on your Cruise exploration:

Read our Blog 'Do you want to be a Cruise Entertainer?' Find out the benefits and challenges with our low-down on the top 5 huge bonuses and 5 questions you need to consider…

Check out our Cruise Fortnight page – a fantastic round up of our social media activity on Cruise life as an Entertainer, with plenty of inspiration, useful links and videos.

Join our Cruise Entertainers facebook group to see all our latest jobs and chat to other Cruise entertainers

We also have a wealth of advice for entertainers in terms of preparing for auditions, getting the perfect promo photos and promo videos and writing your bio or CV, just check out our blogs. Read on to find out more about Cruise Life...

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