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ABBA Tribute Band Wanted For 60th Birthday Party In Tain, Highland - 13<sup>th</sup> April 2024

ABBA Tribute Band Wanted For 60th Birthday Party In Tain, Highland - 13th April 2024

I am looking for an ABBA tribute band to play for my 60th Birthday on the date given.

I need to explain our location, I am based in an old pub, 15 mins from Tain, 40 mins from Inverness. We still retain the majority of the bar space, 27 ft long, with a corner bar at the far end. We are not a working pub, as this is our home, however we retain the space and bar for parties and social visits. We had over 100 guests for our wedding here a couple of years ago.

Around 100 guests.

Now the other thing is that I have a load of DMX lighting that was run off a sound switch application for the wedding and is available to use if you require. I also have 2 T-bar stands that can be separated or can be joined via a central bar that can also hang lights. The sounds required would only really be for the performance purpose to lift the music above the crowd noise, however, I suspect most would be dancing.

I would be grateful for a quote for a 4 piece setup. Our only issue would be width as the bar is oblong in shape however we were looking at a 4 piece band ( which fell through) and it seemed very practical for them.

Please provide some figures and requirements
Available to Members Based in: UK Location: UK: Scotland Event Date: 13th Apr, 2024 Submission Dates: 17th Apr, 2023 - 12th Apr, 2024 Fee Offered: Quotes Requested Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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