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Entertainers Wanted For Worldwide Resorts From January 2022

Entertainers Wanted For Worldwide Resorts From January 2022

- Newcoming entertainers 2022 in Italy and abroad
Are you ready to join our Tour Operators for the coming 2022?
We are recruiting entertainers for our resorts worldwide, main destinations in Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Thailand, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Cuba.
It's required a basic knowledge of FRENCH.
We collaborate with Tour Operator like FRAM, OCLUB, CARAVEL and TEZ UNION.

Vacant position:
- Kids Club Entertainers (from January 2022)
- Fitness Entertainers (from January 2022)
- Dancers and choreographers (from February 2022)
- Chief Entertainers (from March 2022)
- Allaround entertainers (from February 2022)
- Guest relators (from March 2022).

Applicants can apply from: Ireland / Austria / Belgium / Czech Republic / Denmark / France / Germany / Hungary / Italy / Latvia / Lithuania / Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Slovakia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland Location: Worldwide Application Dates: 23rd Dec, 2021 - 23rd Sep, 2022 Fee Offered: Fixed Fee Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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