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Flamenco Dancer Wanted For Budget Film - Granada - Spain - 9<sup>th</sup> June 2024

Flamenco Dancer Wanted For Budget Film - Granada - Spain - 9th June 2024

I am an independent film director living in the United States. I am casting the lead actress for an independent movie that will be shot next summer (June 2024). Seeking an actress to play the queen of the genies in a low-budget, independent feature film. Must be able to speak and read fluent English, as well as Arabic. Must be accessional at improvisation, song, and dance. Ability to play musical instruments preferred.

Next summer (June 2024), I am planning on taking a trip to Granada. I plan to film my trip as a documentary. I would like to hire an actress to play a fictional character who would act as my tour guide. She would be playing a djinn who is in human form. She would have lines and a story arc. I can pay $100 USD for this role for several days of filming. This movie will be about 90 minutes long, which many improvised scenes.

I plan to take a trip to a middle-eastern country (or a country with Middle-Eastern influence) and film a travel log (vlog) of my experiences. I wish to hire an actress to portray the queen of the genies, whom I meet on my trip. The actress I hire will act as my tour guide through various parts of the country. This actress must be able to display a large emotional range.

The script is written in English. It involves scenes with Arabic song and dance.

ROLE: Maridia, the lost queen of the djinn folk. Wise, regal, graceful, ethereal, benevolent, curious, occasionally angry. Weighed down by the responsibility she has as the last genie left in the world. Dies tragically at the end of the movie. Costume will consist of a blue royal blue robe.

CHARACTER ARC: Maridia is on a journey into the center of the desert to preform a spell that will restore magic to the world. In this movie, magic is dying due to the rise of human technology. The only way for Maridia to preserve what magic is left is to preform a powerful spell that will drain her of all her life force. Maridia knows that by doing this, she is sacrificing her own life.

Maridia preforms most of her magic through song and dance. At the end of the movie, Maridia preforms an elaborate dance in the center of the desert. When she does this, she withers and fades away.

I will be filming this movie on a high-end iphone with a camera that shoots in 8K footage.

This movie will be divided up into three acts.

Act One: Me traveling to the Middle-East and meeting Maridia. She reluctantly agrees to let me accompany her on her journey to the center of the desert. These scenes are mostly scripted.

Act Two: Maridia takes me to various spots on the way to the desert. Maridia observes the growing use of technology. These scenes are mostly improvised.

Act Three: Maridia and I enter the desert. We reach the center of the desert. Maridia preforms an elaborate dance to restore magic to the world. She collapses on the ground and dies. These scenes are mostly scripted.

Themes present in the screenplay:

Adventure and exploration

Cultural appreciation and understanding

Magic and fantasy

Connection between magic and technology

Friendship and loyalty

Sacrifice and selflessness

Transformation and change

This movie will be submitted to various international film festivals.
Available to Members Based in: Spain Location: Spain: Valencian Community Event Date: 9th Jun, 2024 Submission Dates: 18th May, 2023 - 8th Jun, 2024 Fee Offered: Quotes Requested Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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