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Jazz Band Wanted For Wedding In  Spokane, Washington - 30<sup>th</sup> June 2024

Jazz Band Wanted For Wedding In Spokane, Washington - 30th June 2024

Jazz band to play at our wedding on Sunday, June 30, 2024.
Our wedding will be a multicultural celebration, blending Irish, Scottish, and Ukrainian traditions within a modern American setting. T

The ballroom's elegance, with its exquisite chandeliers and expansive dance floor, is the perfect canvas for your artistry.

While we anticipate some traditional dancing, such as father-daughter and bride-groom dances, the dance floor will be an open option rather than the centrepiece of our celebration due to our diverse cultural practices around dancing.

We appreciate a repertoire that includes cool jazz, swing, Bossa nova, and traditional jazz—original pieces are also most welcome. With a guest list as culturally varied as ours, we expect that only a third will partake in alcohol, so we're looking for music that enhances the celebration's joy with a lively and festive atmosphere.

Please be prepared to bring your sound system and immerse us in a celebration that honors our heritage and the vibrancy of our union.

We're expecting approximately 100-120 guests.
Available to Members Based in: US Location: US: Washington Event Date: 30th Jun, 2024 Submission Dates: 15th Jan, 2024 - 29th Jun, 2024 Fee Offered: Quotes Requested Company / Booker: *Members Only* Share this Post:
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